How a Business Manifesto Can SOLIDIFY Your Future (For Good!)

The Business Manifesto is a living document that deserves to be continuously revisited, revised, refined until it’s core is stable enough to stand on it’s own.

In the past I’ve created a personal manifesto that helped change my life. I can honestly say that my life would definitely not be the same if I did not write and rewrite my manifesto over and over again.

On another day I’ll share the details of what is needed in a personal manifesto, but today let’s talk about a Business Manifesto. How to structure it and why it needs to be refined continuously.

The differences between a personal manifesto and a business manifesto are that although they are similar in beliefs, they are bigger than what you can achieve on your own. You need the help of others and you have to recruit others into your vision. The manifesto and the business itself, must stand on it’s own without needing you to move it forward. It is your business' philosophy statement.

The following are three simple questions to ask yourself as you build your business:

1) Who do You Build Your Business For?

Who does your business work for?

Do you build your business for yourself or for others? This is your core reasoning and it’s not meant to reflect selfishness, but to bring forward clarity.

Personally, I work every single day to make sure my family is protected financially, for health and for wellness. You may work only for yourself and there’s nothing wrong with that, but you need to be clear on who you are building your business for.

2) What Do You Want Your Business to Do?

What do you want your business to do?

This can be defined as a system of moving parts, mechanical or not, but ultimately whatever your business is doing - it’s helping and solving a problem faced by many.

It’s the purpose that guides every exponential movement in your business. I say exponentially because you want your goals to be bigger and bigger with each achievement. The goals you create for your business at the beginning are going to be very closely related to yours, so be mindful that as long as you “man the ship”, you are tasked with keeping far enough distance from the rocks but close enough to the shore.

Build a business that emphasizes to be the best service or product. Don’t settle for mediocre but remember that you will be at the beginning. Until your refine the vision over and over.

3) Who Will Your Business Transform?

Who does your business transform

Your business should serve a specific vertical. One that you will serve relentlessly regardless of your niches path and decisions. If they Zag, you will Zag too - but just a little bit faster. Head up stream with them and protect them, they’ll reward you. Either by telling their friends or by giving you want you want. Or better yet both.

Look at your answers every week. I try to write out a list in bullet points and revisit them every Sunday.

You’ll notice that your feelings about a specific point will change weekly and the best thing for you to do is remove that issue and focus on what can't be shaken.

I hope these few short words have helped align your mind to what it takes in staying the course, avoiding burnout, and focusing on the few important things.

Think in terms of season and count the days till your next reset, because you will need it.

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