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5 Tools For Validating Your Next Business Idea

Table of Contents Market Demand Tools1. Google Trends2. Google Correlate3. Google Shopping Insights4. Google Patents​5. AhrefsTrending Business ideas1. Windbreakers2. Nootropics3. Kimono4. Teak Wood5. Matcha7. Pomade8. Scratch Map9. Smartphone Projector There are two reasons why business start ups fail: First, their founders assume the business will be a success without actually verifying demand. Second, they acknowledge demand only by asking friends, family, and other […]

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Car Exercises While Driving for Uber or Lyft | Easy, Fun, and Useful!

​If you’ve recently become a ridesharing driver or you’ve been driving professionally for years, you will know the pain that comes from sitting still for endless hours and not exercising enough because you can always do just a bit more work… Just a bit more right?Uber drivers and desk-bound workers are alike in one thing […]

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Uber Driver Requirements: Must Have Cars, Vehicles, Licenses

“Wait, you’re an Uber Driver?!!” I’ve been asked this surprising question many times already. Sometimes people ask me in disbelief, sometimes in astonishment. I never imagined myself driving for Uber since I was comfortable where I was, but more importantly, I never imagined earning enough money from this job to be self-sustaining. That question will be […]

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What is an Uber Driver and What is it like Driving for Work?

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for a typical cab driver was $11.30 per hour in 2015. This includes driving work for chauffeurs too. Unlike these driving jobs, the typical Uber driver earns almost double, making about $20 to $25 per hour. And unlike a taxi or a trucking company, Uber drivers are not […]

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Who are Uber’s Competitors? The Fight to Share our Rides.

The Evolution of RidesharingRidesharing is essentially the use of GPS navigation, smartphones, and social networks in order to provide a one-time shared riding service, as quickly as possible. You’d think this is simply a cab service, however, it’s developed into something more than just hailing a taxi. Ridesharing is transforming the world of transportation as […]

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