Uber Driver Requirements: Must Have Cars, Vehicles, Licenses

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“Wait, you’re an Uber Driver?!!” I've been asked this surprising question many times already. Sometimes people ask me in disbelief, sometimes in astonishment. I never imagined myself driving for Uber since I was comfortable where I was, but more importantly, I never imagined earning enough money from this job to be self-sustaining.

That question will be followed by these – “how did you start?”, “how much do you earn?”, “is it easy?” to “what are the requirements?”. I completely understand the reason why people would ask as I did the same as well. And that’s why I wanted to create this resource because my life has changed so much because of Uber and I hope a lot of people will experience the same.

Before you have the ‘life-changing experience’ with Uber, let me share with you the Uber Driver Requirements, and answers to some of the frequently asked questions I encounter.

Uber Driver Requirements

For you to be qualified to drive Uber, you must:

  • Be 21 years of age or older
  • Be on the insurance for the vehicle used (full name)
  • Have a minimum of three years driving experience
  • A good driving record
  • Pass an inspection for your vehicle from Uber
  • Pass a background check (you must have a Social Security Number for this)
  • Drive a vehicle – so yeah, a driving license is a must!

Uber Vehicle Requirements

Your car must be inspected before you drive for Uber. You can do the inspection car at an auto shop that is approved by Uber or at an Uber car activation area. If you do the inspection at an Uber inspection center, it’s done for free. If you do it in an auto repair shop the fee is around $20.

Here are the Uber car requirements for 2016, per Uber Class:


UberX is the most commonly used service among all the classes. This is also the least expensive one. The vehicle requirements for UberX are as follows:

  • Must seat 4 passengers and have 4 seat belts
  • Should have 4 doors that are independently opening
  • 2004 or newer model

Examples of UberX cars: Mazda 3 and 6, Toyota Camry/Corolla/Prius/Tacoma, Honda Accord/Civic, Ford Focus/F-150, Chevrolet Cobalt/Cruz/Malibu, Volkswagen Golf/Passat/ and Nissan Altima.

uber 4 door car
uber 4 door car


UberXL is very much like UberX. The major differences are the following:

  • Vehicle - UberXL must have larger vehicles to accommodate larger groups and
  • The fare - it is more expensive than UberX

Vehicle requirements for UberXL are as follows:

  • Must seat 6 passengers and have 6 seat belts, excluding the driver
  • 2006 or newer model (2001 for Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Francisco)

Examples of UberXL cars: Honda Pilot/Odyssey, Ford Expedition/Explorer, Dodge Caravan/Durango, Nissan Pathfinder/Quest, Jeep Cherokee, GMC Acadia, and Chevrolet Suburban.

UberXL Car


UberSelect is only available in certain states and cities. Commonly known as UberPlus, it is the same as UberX in that the vehicle must seat up to 4 passengers. The standards are higher, though. This is a more expensive option.

Requirements for UberSelect are:

  • Four-door luxury sedan
  • Must have a leather interior
  • Must seat up to 4 passengers, excluding the driver
  • 2007 or newer vehicles

Examples of UberSELECT cars: BMW (all 3 series and up), Lincoln (All Models), Mercedes (All C-class and up), Infiniti (All Models), Acura, Audi (A3 and up), Volvo (s60), and Hyundai (Genesis). All luxury cars – you get the picture.


UberLUX is the premium car service of Uber. For a rider, it's of the highest costs. Right now, it's only available in certain cities like Austin, Chicago London, Los Angeles, Miami, NYC, Ohio, and others

Requirements for UberLUX are:

  • Top of the line, premium, luxury cars
  • 2012 or newer (depending on the city)
  • Must carry at least 4 passengers
  • Must be in excellent condition
  • Must have 4 doors
  • Must have leather interior only

Examples of UberLux cars: Audi A8, Bentley (any four-door models), BMW, Jaguar XJ, Lexus LS, Maybach (any four-door models), Mercedes-Benz S&G Class, Porsche Panamera, Range Rover/Land Rover, Rolls Royce (any four-door model), Tesla Model S

UberBlack & UberSUV

UberBlack and UberSUV have the highest standards for vehicles are drivers. The fare is also higher than UberX and UberSelect. Requirements for UberBlack and UberSUV are:

  • 2012 or newer
  • Black on Black and must be in excellent condition (black paint, black leather interior)
  • Commercial insurance and registration
  • Must have city-specific airport permits
  • Seats 4 passengers for UberBlack and seats 6 passengers for UberSUV
  • Must have 4 doors

Examples of UberBlack & UberSUV cars:

  • UberSUV: Chevrolet Suburban, Cadillac Escalade, Infiniti QX56/QX80, Lexus LX, Lincoln Navigator L, GMC Yukon XL, Mercedes Benz GL-Class.
  • UberBlack: Lexus GS, Mercedes-Benz E-class, BMW 5 series, Cadillac XTS, Jaguar XF, Infiniti Q70, and Audi A6/A7

“What if I don’t own a car?”

If your car does not get approved or if you don’t have a car, that’s okay. You can still be a ridesharing driver. Uber has an Xchange leasing program - you would still have to go through a background check and if you pass it, Uber will offer you a lease.

You may also lease or rent a car from another Uber partner.

“What are the hours required to drive Uber?”

Lot’s of people ask me how long I’m working now since this is my full-time gig. The good thing about Uber is you are your own boss. I get to manage my own schedule. Can go online when I want and accept requests when I would like to. It’s pretty quick to get a notification and if I am on the clock then I am hustling.

"How will I know if I will be accepted?"

You have to fill out an online application form, where you have to provide your basic personal information, and your permission to do a background check. If you pass the background check you need to provide information about your vehicle, insurance, and vehicle registration. Once all your documents are approved you can sign on and begin driving! You will be notified about each step through email.

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