Uber Promo Codes and Coupon | Bonuses and Rides for Free!

Uber is the premier ride-sharing application on this planet. 

And as a driver, I’ve noticed that passengers like using promo codes. It's likely one of the leading reasons why people try the service out. Or why people continue to use the service.

With these promo codes, users can take rides with discounts, and new users may be able to use the service virtually free.

Not all Uber Promo codes are the same though. Here we take a look about what’s out there, and what you, the Uber rider should look for.

Uber Codes for New Riders

For a long while now, Uber has focused on giving Uber promotional codes to attract new users. Free trips are always the best, and with Uber’s promo codes for new sign-ups, you can almost always get your first Uber trip free!

10-15% OFF

2SEO – While the discount varies per city, new users can get $15 to $50 off their first ride.

APPLEPAY – This Promo code gives Apple users $10 off for the first two rides that you take with Uber.

FIRSTRIDE18 – Valid until December, enjoy 18% off your first ride with Uber.

FIRSTRIDENJ1- Only valid in New Jersey, first time users get 15% off their first trip from the state.

ubervip20now – With this code, Get 15% off your first trip, anywhere in the US.

UBERLOVE123 First time users will get 15% off with this code.

Uberseatbelt - It’s 15% off for new members.

UBERBLACKSUV – Use for any of Uber’s services, get $10 off your first ride.

20% OFF

20NEWRIDEUBER- It’s 20% off on your first trip with Uber.

SUMMERSEA – 20% off your first ride with this code.

RIDINGUBER20 - Also a promo for new users, get up to 20% off on your first trip with the service.

FLY – Also valid for new users, use this promo and get up to $20 off on your first ride.

Uberzazo – This promo code takes off $20 from your Uber fare from your first trip.

Uberallsummer - This is summer fun for new users at $20 off their first trip.

30% OFF

1SEO – It’s a free ride with up to $30 off for new users.

UBERCAB20 – Enjoy up to $30 off your first Uber ride.

uberjr24 – Get 30% off your first ride with Uber.

Multiple Free Uber Trips

RMN5OFF4RIDE – This Uber coupon is for both Android and Apple Users. Until December 2016, get $5 off your first 4 rides.

Uber Referral Codes for Riders

What are ride referrals?

Know someone that doesn’t have Uber? If that person joins Uber, and inputs in your unique referral promo code, you get up to $20-50 credit in Uber Trips when that person takes their first trip. Find your promo code, share, and refer, to get more free rides! They call this the ‘Give Rides, Get Rides’ program.

Uber Codes for Special Promos

Uber releases new promo codes every month, sometimes depending if they have a promotion, if there’s a special event or holiday, or if they have a new service to push. Here’s a rundown of the Uber codes that you can use.


eats-uberseatbelt – Enjoy up to 20% off your first order using the UberEats (Food delivery) service by Uber.

eats-0g1cu – It’s 20% off on your first order in UberEats, while your second order gets $10.

eats-mqvau – 30% off on your first order in UberEasts. Valid in the US, UK, and in Canada

Multiple Discounts

uberride08 – Use this code and get 8 free rides from Uber.

uberride05 – 5 Free rides for the Uber rider.

Special Event/Promos

uberUS20 – Get a free ride anywhere in the US.

ubersummer5 – Valid for the summer, get up to 5 free Uber rides.

Uberfest – It’s a $15 credit for you to arrive and go home safe when you go to festivals.

uberEndlessSummer30 – Another summer promo, use before summer ends and get $30 off in your Uber ride.

uberGrad30 – Free $30 ride for all graduates.

Uberindependenceday – Uber celebrates Independence Day by giving the Uber user a free ride, up to $30 off.

Global Uber Codes

Ridesharing is global phenomenon and just like Uber's Competitors - they're creating promo codes for every country. But here are some Uber promo codes valid for the UK and Canada.

UK Uber Codes

STS15 – Valid in the UK, get £15 off your first ride with Uber UK.

Yqaej – Get £10 off in your rides in London.

20OK8WI – It’s £20 off in your Uber trip.

CANADA Uber Codes

Uberbargainmoose – Use this code and get $15 off any Uber ride.

uberfree20ca – It’s a $15 discount on your first ride.

ROAMLIKEHOME – It’s a free ride (up to $25 off) on any Uber ride service.

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